Thursday, November 28, 2013

11-25-13 Happy Thanksgiving!

This week started with our lives being all sorts of mixed up.  We moved houses Monday night.  We went from having a whole basement to one small bedroom.  Not that we mind, it was just hard to fit everything in!  We are just grateful for a bed to sleep on.  The Wakens are so nice though!  We love being with them.  They actually fed us waffles Sunday morning!  In the mornings we have the house completely to ourselves because they all have already left for work.
We got to go to the temple on Wednesday morning!  Our ride is with a temple worker and she had to work the 6:00 session (normally we are 6:30) so we had to wake up even earlier.  She picked us up at 4:45, so Sister Lee set her alarm for 4. I told her she needed to learn to get ready faster, as I set my alarm for 4:30 haha! I have my priorities straight!  But even with all that, I managed to stay awake the whole time!  I just love the temple and the peace felt there :)  It is so remarkable and I feel so blessed to be able to attend every month, even though that still doesn't feel like enough!  It is such a blessing to have one so close.
The rest of the week consisted of a lot of little things.  Lots of cancelled appointments, but still some really good ones.  There was one with a lady named Linda.  She has cancelled about 4 lessons now, but we finally got to meet with her.  Even with all of the distractions going on, it was an incredible lesson where I felt the spirit so strongly!  By the end of it, she couldn't stop smiling, she seemed so happy and she said she felt peaceful.  We have another meeting with her tonight.  We'll see if she comes seeing as how yesterday she was sick and couldn't make it to church.  We had one appointment with this wonderful lady named Patty.  She loves the bible and studies it often.  She kept asking all these questions that we had such a hard time answering!  It was almost like she was bible bashing with us, but she sincerely wanted to know.  She's interested in learning, she just wants answers.  She made us lunch though and amazing!! cheesecake.  I hope we can find her answers.
Saturday, we had dinner with the Elders.  It was impromptu and we were lucky they were willing to change the day that family had planned on feeding us.  Afterwards during the lesson, she brought up how she had a hard time forgiving this one person.  She had loved them dearly, like family and they had betrayed them.  The Elders rambled on for a while (they were on exchanges and the visiting Elder talks a lot....)  Finally we were able to jump in and talk to her, relating the parable in Matt about the Master who loaned his servant money.  Then we related that to the Atonement.  I also told her about how not all trials benefit us.  It is for us to help others through the same thing.  I told her about mom's arthritis and how I had many lessons I needed to learn from that.  She immediately thought of her son who was going through something similar.  The next day she thanked us profusely and said we talked circles around the Elders.  She was so grateful for the help we had given her.  It had truly helped her to see it in a new light. 
The best lesson of all though was last night.  Our ward mission leader invited us over for dinner.  He also invited another women.  Her name is Katie and she just moved here at the beginning of the month.  She has been investigating the church since Sept.  She is 30 and just went through a divorce.  She keeps putting off a baptism date and wouldn't tell anyone all of the reasons why.  The Brother was sick, so it was just his wife, us, and Katie. We had a great dinner.  Sister Lee and I were a little worried for the lesson.  Seeing as how we had never taught her (she's the Elder's investigator) and she has been taught all the lessons, we weren't sure what we could teach her.  So we decided to just leave it up to the spirit.  What an incredible experience.  We started talking about her understanding of God, got on the subject of prayer, and some how she just started blurting out why she was so scared to get baptized.  She was afraid to make that commitment and then fail.  She was worried she would disappoint Heavenly Father.  I told  her a story of when I was in a similar situation (the one from just last week or 2 or 3) and the answers I received to it.  That he is so happy we have made right decisions to come to him.  He just wants us to try.  It's OK if we fall, that is what the Atonement is for.  He will never be disappointed in us about trying to come closer to him.  There was a lot of other things wrapped up in there:  how special she is to him and how proud he is of her (which she didn't know!!), how real fear is and that it is not from God, but Satan, and lots of other things.  she was just in tears the whole time.  Her only question when we finished talking was: "trying is enough?"  I felt so sorry for her that she had been thinking this whole time that she had to be perfect after baptism!!  I told her absolutely!  That is all God asks of us is to try, he doesn't expect anything more.  It is something we have to do with or without baptism.  Baptism just gives us that added help!!  I think she was so relieved to hear that!!  Sister Carlson made a great point.  In the 4 gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, John)  out of all the people Christ met, no matter their sins, or their standing in life, he was never disappointed in them if they were listening to his words and trying to follow him.  Never!  Not once was he upset at someone.  What an incredible knowledge to have!  There was much more to the lesson but it would take far too long to write.  The spirit was so strong and we were all taught something that night.
I can't wait to go shopping today at that mall.  Hopefully we can find warm things!! Especially boots as it is currently snowing outside!  Yuck! I hope things are going well for everyone!  I love you all!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to be grateful for the wonderful things the Lord has blessed all of us with because they truly are more numerous than we can count.

Love, Sister Grossman

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