Saturday, November 9, 2013

11-4-13 If all else fails, I have a very promising career in the moving industry.

Hey there!
This week was a good week..kind of haha.  I wasn't quite as focused as I should have been, and neither was Sister Lee, so it wasn't as productive.  But it was still a good week!
Tuesday we had interviews with President which was great!  He was so nice!  Our appointment with Autumn (the one I first committed to baptism) fell through.  She didn't show up at church for the past two weeks either.  I am worried for her, but I know it will happen in the Lord's timing, so I am not stressing over it.
Wednesday was our last district meeting of the transfer!  So sad!  I am going to have a hard time with the people who leave!  But afterwards, we all went out to lunch together which was a great time!  During the meeting we got a call saying that my medicine had finally arrived at the office and I had permission to come and pick it up!!  So we drove all the way up to the office and got it, along with some of the other missionaries’ packages.  As we drove back, we received a call from Debby, saying she needed to meet with us.  We went over to find that she had locked both sets of keys in her car!  Thankfully at that time, our ward mission leader, Brother Carlson and his wife drove by.  They gave Debby a ride over to her new place to get some tools to break into her car.  She talked with us afterwards and told us that she needed to put a hold on the baptismal date.  She got served a court order from the apt complex because she wasn't out in time, many times people had stolen things from her truck, and her health was not doing well due to moving by herself.  She wants to wait until after moving.  Let's hope she'll want to meet with us after that.  Later that day, we met with Jase, a 13 year old boy.  Sister Lee and her former companion taught him the first lesson a while back and he flaked on the return appointment.  We took a boy his age with us and taught him the second lesson and committed him to baptism!!  I hope he holds it though.  being 13, he doesn't quite have the drive to find his purpose in life  and eternal happiness doesn't mean much to him.  Let's hope he understands the importance of it!  He has also had a hard time coming to church in the past due to sports.  Cross my fingers!
Thursday was Halloween, so we had to be home by six.  We hung out with the Morrison's and watched some movie; I think it is called "The Legacy".  I think Niki, the bishop’s daughter, has fun having other girls around the house.  That night as we were getting ready to go downstairs, a member of our ward called Bishop, who handed off the phone to me.  She was calling to let us know a less active, Melanie Wilson, was moving tomorrow.  Melanie hurt her back and was still planning on moving all by herself.  It was just to another apt in the complex, but still.  It was so last minute that we could only get one person in the ward to come help.  We called our Zone leaders and they arranged to have our elders and the district leader and his companion excused from the normal service to help.  We thought it would only take a few wrong we were.  We were there six hours!!  It was so much fun though.  We had a small truck and a car so we had to make several trips!  Lots of heavy items. I got the opportunity to play first aide.  As the Elders were moving the couch, Elder McGrath slammed his thumb between the wall and the couch proceeding to pinch off some of his skin.  He happens to have a blood problem and issues with clotting.  We quickly obtained a first aid kit and I was able to bandage him up.  We ran to Target to get more supplies.  It was a good thing because he already bled through the bandage I had put on.  I had to rewrap again the next day! Of course, it was all fun for me, but some of the other people were very squeamish.  Haha pansies.
Saturday was all service!  That night we helped more people move!!  They had a giant moving truck with things stacked all the way up to the top.  I was the only one light enough, but strong enough to climb on top of other boxes and move those things down.  I also helped the men carry in a giant wardrobe.  I got called the Terminator haha...I’m still trying to decide if that is a good thing.
We had dinner last night at my favorite house!  Sister Chubbs (much to the contrary of her name, they are all very skinny) is an amazing cook!!  And her husband is amazing on the grill!  We had steaks and potatoes, these buttery/cheesy/garlic rolls and cheesecake for dessert!  It was all so delicious!!  Thank goodness it was fast Sunday and I wasn't still full from lunch.
I'm finally beginning to feel like I am adjusting.  Give it a week (transfers are next week) and I'll lose it all again.  Oh well, such is life!  Love you guys!
Sister Grossman

Please apologize for me to all those people who have written to me.  I run out of time to write and am trying to work on them, but it is a slow process.  But I am so appreciative of their letters!

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