Monday, November 18, 2013

11-18-13 Using those moving skills for ourselves!

Hi there!
I love when we email on Tuesdays!!  The week just goes by so much faster!  I can't believe it's already time to write again!  This week was full of surprises!  It's a good thing, keeps me from getting bored and restless.
Tuesday before email, we stopped by an investigator who moved in about 2 weeks ago, Katie. Technically, the Elders' have dibs on her because she is in their area and the Zone Leaders gave her to them.  However, the bishop wants us in there and she is a single women so it would make sense.  We stopped by to introduce ourselves and get to know her. We ended up staying for an hour and half. What a fantastic women!!  She is so awesome and has truly been prepared by the Lord. She asked us questions she didn't feel comfortable asking the Elders, like why do we have to wear skirts, etc.  On Thursday, Bishop went over there to meet with her and asked which companionship she liked best and she said us!  So, he should be switching that around soon and we'll be teaching her!
Wednesday, we met with Pearl again!  She FINALLY read her scriptures, at least a little bit.  baby steps!  She had the desire to have more faith and show it. She even brought up baptism.  The downside, she just got diagnosed with breast cancer and has surgery on the 4th of December.  You have to attend church 3 times before you can be baptized and she doesn't like us pressuring her into going, meaning I'm not sure if she'll ever come.  We'll have to see how that turns out.  Tuesday night we received a challenge from our zone leaders on behalf of our mission president: talk to 100 nonmembers this week!  Crazy!  You actually have to talk about the gospel though, not just chatting.  So Wednesday night we went out tracting. We talked to some very interesting people.  Most were not receptive...not in the slightest.  There were a few nice people who told us gently they were not interested. The best part was one couple who bible bashed with us.  They were really nice, don't get me wrong. But they told us we were being brainwashed by the Book of Mormon. Because we were reading out of another book rather than just the bible, we were going to hell.  And as missionaries we were leading people to hell!!  Wow, it was really interesting. It makes me sad that she thinks that.  She started crying for us!!  No joke, on her front porch in tears, she told us to go to Wal-Mart and to buy a bible, that way we could be saved!  It was a very interesting experience to say the least.
Thursday we traveled to Aurora for my first Zone Conference.  It was pretty interesting; I really enjoyed it.  I want to share one thought I had from the talk President Toombs gave us.  He likes to tell horse stories.  He had these two work horses and one would always get out through a weak spot in the fence.  He lived right by a road and was worried, but never got around to fixing the fences.  One day, the horse got out, got hit by a car, and they had to put him down because his two back legs were broken.  He was heartbroken.  As the owner, it was his job to keep the fences fixed and make it safe for the horses.  He compared the fences to commandments, but I thought of them as testimonies.  We have to keep our fences strong in order to stay safe.  When there are weak spots in them, we can break out, or things can break in and we can get hurt.  The fences are for our safety.  And going farther, we cannot welcome others into a pasture if they can't find safety there.  Meaning, we can't help people come to the gospel until our testimonies are strong enough to share with them.
For zone conference, we had to loan our car to a few elders and get a ride with a few sisters.  On the way back, apparently our car started acting up.  I guess smoke was coming out from under the hood when they pressed on the accelerator, it was shaking, etc.  We didn't see any of it.  But they were very paranoid.  The next day, the Elder in charge of cars asked us to take it in to Chevy.  We had to drive all the way up to Broomfield only to find out they couldn't look at it until Monday.  While we waited to hear back from the elder if he wanted us to leave our car or just return with it on Monday, we got to wait in the waiting room.  What a magical place. They had free donuts, cookies, popcorn, water, and even coloring books to entertain little kids!!  That was the greatest place!!  
Saturday morning we got to participate in a stake activity day girls thing.  We dealt with only 10 and 11 year olds.  They wanted sister missionaries to teach the classes to the girls.  Ours was on sharing the gospel.  We had such a blast teaching them.  Sunday, we went home about an hour early so that we could start packing. We're moving tonight!  I got told by someone at church that I was very smiley!  haha it made me happy!
This morning we got up and set out early to make our appointment at Chevy, only to get there and be told that since we haven't had problems with it since the initial issue, they don't even think it's work looking at meaning we wasted our time and miles!!  So upsetting, that would have been nice to know last time we were there!!  Anyways, that was it for our crazy week. We always had things popping up here and there.  But it was still good and I saw the hand of the Lord in helping us reach some of our goals, even when we weren't sure we could.  I love you guys!  Glad to hear things are going well!  

Sister Grossman

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