Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11-12-13 Some are silver and the other gold!

Hi there!
I thought about putting the whole song, but it seemed like a very long title so I decided on just the last part!  This is in honor of transfers!  I know you're wondering, so here it is:  I am staying!  Sister Lee is staying, pretty much everyone is staying.  Only two people got transferred out of our district, one being Elder Larson, one of the ones in my ward.  All in all though, it could have been much worse so I am pleased.  However, I am not in the clear.  We (Sister Lee and I) are moving.  We will be moving into another house at the end of this week.  We will just be living in a bedroom upstairs, so no more private basement, but we do have access to the full kitchen!  That will be exciting.  They leave super early in the morning, so we'll basically have the house to ourselves.
What another odd week.  I'm beginning to think that every week of the mission will be an "out of ordinary" week.
Tuesday we spent about two hours at Firestone getting our tire fixed.  We were continually losing air pressure in just one tire!  After two weeks the light went on and then again after one week.  They tried to tell me it was because it is getting colder.  I know physics, Mr. Vanderbosch taught me well.  It wouldn't have affected just one tire!  Finally they took it off and dunked it in water.  Yep, there was a nail.  So we had to get our tire changed out.
Wednesday was Zone meeting which was just fantastic!  I love my leaders, they have such awesome insights.  One of the Sister Training leaders came to our zone on an emergency transfer.  She was there for three weeks.  She told us how in her previous Zone they assigned you something to speak, but she was amazed to see how the promptings of the Lord all worked together.  Seriously, all of them went so perfectly together.  It was exactly what I needed. Sister Moore's (the temporary STL) training was about why we need to be obedient.  Satan attacks us the most, as missionaries, he works the hardest on us.  There is a law in Heaven saying you can only receive blessings through obedience.  Heavenly Father gives us, as missionaries, many rules so that as we follow them all, we may receive blessings!  What an amazing perspective.  I knew rules and commandments all had their own purpose, but I never stopped to think, maybe he's giving us this so it can bless our lives.  Even though I don't understand them all or agree with them all, I still need to follow them so that I can receive the blessings it takes to be a successful missionary.
Later that night, we had an open hour and a half because an appointment cancelled last minute on us.  We were driving around visiting less actives, but either no one was home or no one would listen to us.  It was a few minutes to nine and it was the last house of the night.  We knocked on the door and asked for the member, only to find out they moved.  We started talking to this guy only to find out that his previous wife was a member and due to complications, he couldn't be baptized.  One of his boys had even been given a baby blessing.  Now he has two sons, 12 and 9, neither of which is baptized, but the oldest has been asking to go to church!  They just moved here, and as soon as the Dad is done with training for his job (it requires him to be gone a lot for periods of time), he wants us to come over and teach them.
The Lord is preparing people everywhere!!  Do not doubt that!!  My favorite scripture that talks about this is Matthew 9:36-38.  This scripture is now one of my favorites.  You have to look at the footnote for fainted in order for it to make sense.  If Christ came today, not everyone who would believe in him would be of our faith.  It says they were like sheep with no Shepard.  We have to show them the Shepard, let them hear his voice and only then can they follow him.  The laborers are few.  There are over 100,000 missionaries out, and this isn't counting members!!  Imagine how many people there must be to compare to that number and say that 100,000 (+members) is few!!  This scripture always gives me hope that my work isn't in vain.  I always share it with members when we discuss member missionary work.
Friday, we finally got to participate in a service project that I had yet to do. We did landscaping at one of the rec centers!  It felt so great to poor my frustrations into physical work!  I had so much fun.  It was a crazy day and we didn't even get the opportunity to start weekly planning until 3:30!  Then some Elders showed up asking if we would watch the baptismal font for them.  They were filling it up, but had a dinner appointment.  Well neither of us had ever filled it up before, but didn't stop to think that we should ask how full it needed to be or where the controls were!  There were many frantic phone calls asking for help, but all in all, it turned out just fine.
Saturday was the Adult session of stake conference!  Our stake was getting split so we had a 70 and an area 70 come!  They were so awesome!  At one point, a bishop was speaking and asked his Elders and his ward mission leader to come up.  How glad I was that that was not my bishop!  Both of these Elders were big guys!  One was a Samoan and the other looked like his favorite past time was wrestling and weight lifting, but man did they look so scared!!  Elder Brown, the Samoan was handed the mic first and he immediately passed it off to the next Elder! hahaha we laughed so hard, they did this the whole time.  They did a great job though.  At one point the 70 got up and asked them several questions.  Elder Brown took the mic from his companion to answer, but before he did the 70 clarified his question.  Elder Brown paused and then handed the mic back to his companion.  It was hilarious!  At the end of the meeting, Elder Teh (the 70) said the meeting would not be complete unless we heard from a Sister Missionary!!  Thankfully, he called the Sister right next to me.  Man was I relieved.   Right after conference ended, we had transfer doctrine!  They started out with Zone awards!  There were some great ones!  Sister Lee's was the next Yellow Power Ranger haha.  Mine was Zone Gangster!  (One of the ZL's and I are teaching Sister Lee how to speak is so hilarious.  She thought 'G' stood for girl.  When I told her to call Elder Matheson that, she protested, "he's not a girl!!")  And then we found out where everyone was going.  Some of it wasn't a shocker, such as all of the Monte Vista Branch (the Spanish branch) was leaving because we knew they were going to be in the new stake.  It turned out really fun though.  We didn't get home until very late!
Sunday's stake conference was the normal bearing of the testimonies of all the new and old stake officers.  But it was still good.  Afterwards about eight missionaries hung out in the kitchen having lunch and got to talk about all the changes.
Sorry I didn't get on yesterday, the library was closed due to Veteran's Day.  If there is ever a gov. holiday, you know I won't be on until the next day.  But because it was transfer day, a ton of missionaries were at the Stake Center being swapped, so we got to go and hang out!  We had dinner that night with the people we were moving in with, so it was nice to see where we would be going.
Things are a little slow with the work.  Our investigators are struggling.  Even though we find ways to better help them, we still have to meet with them first!  It's ok though. The Lord truly works miracles as we dedicate everything we do to him.  As we pray with faith (this phrase has taken on a much deeper meaning to me) to have experiences to serve people and open their hearts to the gospel, we will be blessed with them!  I love this gospel and I love the opportunity I have to share it with those out here.  Thanks again for all the letters and pictures.  I'm sorry if I don't respond, it's a very long work in process, but I promise I will at one point!  I love you all and hope everything is going well.  Talk to you next week!

Love, Sister Grossman

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