Sunday, November 3, 2013

10-28-13 I'm an Elder!! But without the priesthood. Don't worry! I'm not preaching blasphemy.

Hi everyone!
What a crazy week!  We have seen so many miracles!  Tuesday, we started off the morning with service.  But then we got a call.  Zelma had introduced us to a friend of hers named Debby.  Debby was desperately trying to move out of the apartment.  A couple of missionaries helped her one day, but she needed more.  So we went and helped her for a while.  After lunch, all of our appointments ended up cancelling and we had nothing to do so we decided to go visit a former investigator.  She wasn't home either!  SO we tracted around her area and found two potential investigators and a few other friendly people who listened to us!  It was amazing!    Then dinner wasn't ready when we got there and Sister Mcleish (we eat with them every Tuesday.  Such awesome people!) wasn't home so we couldn't go inside.  We knocked a few doors and found another PI!  

Wednesday, again all of our plans fell through.  We ended up in an apartment complex where we knew a lot of people who are in our ward directory live.  We wrote them all down and went looking around.  We found the Sanchez family who moved in back in January, but never knew where church was so they never went.  We invited them to the Halloween party, church, and scheduled dinner with them for this Wednesday.  We were a little lost trying to find all of the buildings so we asked one of the workers and started talking to him about the gospel.  We were able to schedule an appointment!  Then we gave another guy a Book of Mormon!  Afterwards, we decided to visit Ben, one of the PI's we found yesterday.  We had an amazing lesson with him and gave him a Book of Mormon.  We're hoping to commit him to baptism next time we meet with him!  He's so great!  After dinner, we checked the ward directory to see who was in the area.  We ended up visiting a less active, Mike Pollock.  He let us in and we had a long conversation with him.  He believed he had never received answers to his prayers.  He is the type of guy who needs tangible evidence for everything, which is why I knew the Lord sent me to him; we are very similar in that matter. It was a major testimony building experience for me because at the beginning, I had no idea what to say.  I was completely lost.  But as I opened my mouth, and trusted the Lord, he blessed me with direction.  Then the spirit helped me bear boldly.  Nothing else got across to this guy.  I had to be much more bold than I am with other people and it was a little nerve wracking, but he didn't shy away from it or become offended.  I just really had to rely on the spirit in that lesson.

It really was a week of miracles.  We got to see the hand of the Lord guiding us and putting us in the exact places we needed to be.  I was so grateful for his blessings.  All of our lessons were impromptu and in different directions than what we intended, so I really had to listen to know what to say.

Thursday night, a Korean lady in our ward took us out for dinner.  I ate my whole meal (even the rice!) with chopsticks!!  Sister Lee was super impressed!  I was too haha.  We had Book of Mormon class after that.  The whole day I could feel the headache that had plagued me all week begin to escalate.  It got really bad, but I hoped that maybe after some sleep it would go away.  No such luck.  I woke up Friday morning with a full blown migraine.  Of course it would just so happen that we (the Elders and Sisters in our ward) would be fasting that day as part of the 40 day fast.  I thought about it and decided I really needed to fast even though it would mean I couldn't take any pills.  This would also manage to land on the day that we were doing a big service project...outside.  As I continued to think about this trial, I realized what I needed to learn from it.  I had to learn to rely on the Lord's strength and not my own.  During study, as I tried supporting myself, I got worse and worse.  But as I turned to the Lord for help, I was blessed with strength to be able to work.  Sister Lee and I, the district leader and his companion, and the zone leaders were all working on this project.  We went to two different senior citizens home's to help them do yard work, things they needed for the winter and any house work they needed done.  During lunch time, while the rest of the Elders sat on the edge of the bed of the truck and ate, I just curled up in a ball in the bed of the truck.  But of course my zone leader, bless him, is not a quiet soul.  I was about ready to chuck the box he kept rifling through out of the car.  We had a couple hours afterwards that we ran a few errands, but thankfully it was soon dinner time.  The Lady who was supposed to make us dinner got sick, so she gave us gift cards to Fazoli's instead.  It was great because we just got our food and went home.  We got to stay there all night because we also had to do weekly planning.  Best meal I've ever had!  Once again, I was able to see the blessing of the Lord.  As soon as I ate and drank, my headache started to go away, and by the time we were finished, it was gone.  I knew I was being blessed because I had done what the Lord asked me even though I was given a hard load.  I was so grateful for that blessing since that headache had been with me all week.  My poor district leader, Elder McGrath called later that night though and apparently had inherited my migraine!

Saturday was crazy!  We got to sing again, but don't worry this time I sat down and it went fine.  After lunch, we went to help Sister Mcleish.  She will be having her baby any day now and needed help cleaning her closet out before the baby got here.  We had to leave in the middle for a baptism in another ward.  We had an appointment with Zelma that day.  We talked with her previously in the week and she wanted to invite Debby to hear our message. (Just fine with us!)  It was an amazing lesson taught completely on the fly and by the spirit!  We committed her to baptism!! So excited!  We were even able to talk to Zelma again about baptism.  Thankfully the member who came along with us talked with her about that. Maybe another voice might make a difference!  It doesn't matter though.  I love her a ton!  That night was our ward Halloween party which was so much fun!  With dress code and all, we couldn't do much by way of costume, but you know me, I won't miss a chance to dress up!  SO we came up with the idea of dressing up as the Elders!  We borrowed ties from them and wore white button up shirts and blazers.  Sister Lee was supposed to be Elder Larson and I was going to be Elder Osborne, but because Hermana Trujillo jokingly stole Elder Osborne second tag (unbeknownst to him, he thought Elder McGrath lost it) he didn't have a name tag to give me.  Instead I borrowed one from Elder McGrath.  So I was two people at once!  Except I just looked like Hermoine (later years, when she had better hair)!  It was so much fun though!  The Sanchez family showed up.  A member also brought along an investigator who was deaf!!!  Elder Osborne and I talked to her!  It was awesome!  We even set up an appointment with her to teach her!  We got special permission from President to teach her together because once we're together, we fill in each other's holes.  And there are two members in our ward who know sign language!  I'm so excited to teach her this Sunday!  After the party, we got a call from Zelma saying she has another person who wants us to give her a lesson!  Even if Zelma won't get baptized, she's bringing others into the waters!!  Sunday came and as church started, we were bummed because no one had shown up!  As we were sitting in Relief Society (they do it backwards) our zone leaders opened the door and pulled us out into the hallway.  They said Debby had shown up and brought a friend!  You can imagine my excitement!  It was so great to have them in church!  Just another blessing from the Lord!  All of our appointments fell through again!  We took the list Bishop gave us of people he wanted us to stop by and we went to one. At first the women asked us why we were there, but as we talked to them, they opened up a lot and we even got them to fill our open night for dinner!  She is from Austria and has a thick accent.  The whole time I was there I just kept thinking the bishop thought of her for a reason!  I hope we can pull them back in!
This week we have interviews with president which should be interesting!  Also, with Halloween, we have to be in by four!  Hopefully all the letters and thank you cards I'm behind on, I can get caught up!  Anyways, not much left!  I hope everyone is having a great week!  I am learning so much out here and am truly learning how important it is that we stand strong in our testimonies.  Love you all! 
Sister Grossman

p.s. I forgot to say, totally won the scripture challenge again!  I think everyone else has stopped trying, no one else is participating :( sad day, I like competition to beat haha jk.  This week's question was what was the daughter of Jared famous for.  We all know the brother of Jared, but what about the daughter of Jared.  (just for the sake of Jared's dignity, it was a different Jared.  Apparently people back then didn't have very much imagination when it comes to names.  I wish we had that problem today!) 

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