Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-21-13 It's not even December yet!! Go away snow!

Hi everyone!
What an up and down week, but all around it was pretty good.  Well on Tuesday after email, we met with an investigator who had been cancelling for a few weeks.  We taught her the first lesson and even though her kids were running around screaming, the spirit was super strong! I invited her to be baptized (my first!) and she accepted!  I was stoked!  She was really touched by the First Vision.  We invited her to church on Sunday and she was going to come, but her daughter got lice and they had to stay home.  Sad day, oh well.  There's always next week!  We may have to push her date back a week or two though.  Afterwards we went to dinner with the Mcleish family.  They feed us every Tuesday night!  We made us ribs and grilled chicken with these awesome potatoes!  I was so stuffed.  I usually am every night at dinner though because members cook so well!  Then we went to an appointment we had with recent converts.  They were baptized a  year ago and just had their patriarchal blessings!  It was neat to talk to them.  Then Sister Biglen wanted to talk about the role of mothers.  The whole time we were teaching, the spirit was so strong!  It was a good day!
Wednesday was the temple!  Waking up was killer!  The night before, I showed Sister Lee a better way to do her hair and so she asked if I would do it like that for the trip.  So I had to help her get ready too!  Because the temple is so far away and we were running low on miles, we asked a member to take us.  Well he ended up taking us, our Elders, and the District leader and his companion. I might have fallen asleep for a little bit during the session...  I couldn't help it!  It was dark and I was so tired!  It was only for a few minutes though.  We didn't get to stay in the celestial room for too long though because Sister Lee had to go to the bathroom so bad.  The Denver temple is not nearly as pretty as the Las Vegas Temple!  Neither is the Provo one!  When we got outside, everyone was running around talking to old friends, which was slightly awkward because I didn't know anyone really.  Thankfully we left quickly though so we had time to go to Dessert Book.  I think the car ride to and from was my favorite part though haha.  We had a district meeting afterwards where we had the chance to role play everything we wish we could have ever said to investigators, but didn't.  It was so much fun!  I can't say that the spirit was always there, but it helped to get things off our chest.   It really was a lot of fun, but it also helped us in realizing sometimes we need to be a bit more bold.  It was a great lesson to learn because later we went to Pearl's house (she's the eighty something year old black women).  I can't even remember the lesson because it was completely directed by the spirit.  We invited her to church and really pushed the importance of it.  She said she will come soon!  and she wants to bring her son.  Hopefully that works out.
I can't even remember Thursday.  Days are already starting to blend together.  But Friday was pretty busy!  We were supposed to do service at this rec center, but because it snowed, it was cancelled.  SO we were assigned to do three hours of service at the thrift store.  Afterwards we started weekly planning but didn't have enough time to finish it before dinner with the Choques.  They are an older, but newly married couple with no kids.  They also had the Elders over.  Brother and Sister Choque are both like teenagers so we had a blast with them and the Elders.  We had tacos, and then for dessert, she bought chocolate taco shells and filled them with ice cream!  They are such a nice family.
Saturday was singing again.  I need to be careful when I do that though.  Standing up for that long while singing not only hurts my knees, but makes me super light headed.  I had to sit down and stop singing.  Oh well, I love going to those homes.  Later on we met with Zelma again.  We see her quite a bit.  She is the eternal investigator who believes she can't feel the spirit that strong again.  Every time we talk about baptism with her, she gets super upset, can't breathe, and says we have to stop the lesson.  Last time it was brought up, I knew she needed to understand the role priesthood plays in baptism, but she got too worked up.  So usually we steer clear of baptism, just trying to teach her doctrine in hopes it will help her change.  We often stop by her house though to see how she is doing, if she wants to go for a walk, needs anything, etc.  So she knows we do it out of love.  But in this lesson we planned to talk about the Plan of Salvation.  It was such a good lesson!  The spirit guided in just the direction it was suppose to go.  We ended up talking about priesthood. We told her to pray so that she can know for herself, but I'm not sure how open she is to receiving answers like that.  I love getting to see her though.  She is just the sweetest women and we have such fun talking with her.  Well maybe not Sister Lee, but I do!  Sister Lee isn't playful enough to talk with her.  Zelma likes people with attitude, so of course she and I get along famously!!  That night we had dinner with the Fa'amasli family!  Oh man, Samoans know how to eat!  We had these delicious chicken wings in some type of soy sauce, white rice, amazing spaghetti (don't worry mom, it doesn't beat yours!), the best potato salad I've ever had, corn, some type of Mango drink, and some other things I can't remember.  So when we sat down to eat, there was Sister Lee and I, the parents, and five of their children (they have six, one was at a game).  Do you remember the part on fast Sunday in Chickens in the Headlights when as soon as amen was said, for a solid three minutes there was passing of bowls, clanging of silverware, etc (I know it's not verbatim, but close enough).  Basically there was chaos as everyone reached and shoved for bowls. I lived it!!  Oh man, it was crazy!  It was like that, only the all grown up edition!  I am happy to say that I out ate most of his children though!  That's right, be proud :) I loved being in their home though.  We had so much fun!  And had tons of things in common.  As we sat talking with Tui (the dad's first name he goes by), his son was on the couch reading the House of Hades.  I about jumped out of my chair, ran over, snatched it out of his hands, and took off down the street.  However, seeing as how I was in a house full of Rugby and Football players, I thought better of it.  I told him he had to tell me how it was though.  I got talking with him.  He is a sophomore who wants to play for BYU football.  I told him he can come talk to me about that any day :)  Apparently, they know one of the people over the whole Athletic department.  I forget his official title.  But anyways, they have connections and told me when I start looking for a job, to let them know and maybe they can help.  I was way happy!  That night, we went tracting down a street, and got yelled at for stopping by a house again.  We were very confused.  It wasn't until many houses later we realized that it was the street we tracted after we talked with the Reimers.  The only difference was we started farther up the street!  Oddly enough, almost everyone who answered the door was someone different.  We even ended up placing a Book of Mormon and got a return appointment with him!
Church was really good on Sunday.  We were asked to come into Primary and talk to the kids about doing missionary work.  We had dinner with a family who made us the best taco salad!  Fresh tortillas! homemade cilantro-lime dressing!  For dessert we had homemade pumpkin chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, and she sent us home with extras!  We had an appointment with the bishop afterwards to follow up on his family's day for the 40 day fast.  When we walked into the house, the tension was palpable.  So we went downstairs and planned a few minutes for a good lesson to teach that we thought they could really use.  A couple nights this week, we could hear yelling from upstairs.  We did not dare go upstairs!  Afterwards, bishop asked us to help them with something. Their 14 year old daughter Niki  was trying to write a summary of a conference talk, but she had no idea what it was saying.  They tried many times to explain it to her but she still couldn't understand.  He asked if we would help her.  We took her downstairs and let her vent and gave her some advice.  She reminds me a lot of myself.  We helped her understand it and told her she could always come and talk to us if she needed.  I think she felt a lot better afterwards.
I know your waiting in suspense, so you should know, we won the scripture challenge for the third week in a row!  We were waiting on the edge of our seats for the voice mail! We even called before we had the answer.  Sister Lee is NOT good at stalling!  The question was, where in the scriptures is the Liahona first mentioned by name.  I hope to sweep the transfer.
Well, it's been a crazy week as always here. Can't believe it's already been a month!  I hope everyone is doing good.  Not too much more to say.  Sister Lee and I are getting along well..most of the times.  Mornings are no different :)  kindly enough, she doesn't turn the light on anymore!  and it's even more cold here :(  I miss Vegas haha.  Love everyone!  Talk to you soon!
Sister Grossman

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