Saturday, October 19, 2013

First week in Denver 10/7/13

What a week this has been!  I can't even tell you all that I've been through emotionally this week.  It has definitely been hard.  We don't have many investigators so we're having to start fresh.  Tuesday we had a district meeting which was great to meet everyone!  It was really great to be uplifted by them.  One of the elders knows Becca Parshall!!  His friend was trained by her!  He showed me a picture he had of the two of them!  What a small world.  Afterwards, we went to teach one of the few investigators we have.  She is a very old woman named Zelma.  She was baptized baptist and felt the spirit so strongly when the water was sprinkled on her head.  She believes that she can never feel that again so she refuses to be baptized.  We're working with her though.  We had an incredible lesson with her and committed her to watching conference.  I hope that will really help her receive the answers she needs.  I had a lot of "firsts" this week.  I got my first experience tracting this week, and lots of it.  That's what we do most days.  We visit less actives in the area and then tract around their homes.  I had my first experience with someone believing we are a cult!  She was giving her grand-daughter a bath though so she couldn't talk.  We asked her if we could come back and she told us tonight when her husband is home.  So that should be interesting!  I hope it goes okay.  Most people were really nice though, even if they weren't interested.  We were talking to this family outside and got to know them a bit.  We did what's called the prayer approach where we just pray with them for their family and home and such.  Then we asked if there was anyone we could teach and they said maybe the guy who lived next door because he was going through some hard times.  He had been talking to them when we walked up, but went inside.  We went and knocked on his door and he just yelled, "NO! GO AWAY!"  I thought it was rather funny!  There have been a few people who said we could come back, or we gave a Book of Mormon too.  We haven't been able to follow up with any of them yet.  Hopefully soon!  Every Tuesday and Thursday we go over to a recent convert home, the Biglens, where we talk with them and study scriptures.  They are really great people who have a strong testimony of God.  His conversion story was pretty cool, but long and I don't have time, sorry!  I enjoy meeting with them though.  On Friday we stopped by a house of another old woman who said we could come back. The last companionship found her.  Her name is Pearl.  She is an old black lady, who smokes, but is really nice.  We left her with a Book of Mormon, a chapter to read, and a follow up appointment!  We have dinner with members almost every night.  Saturday and Sunday were full of conference.  It was so great!  I loved all the talks!  Saturday was packed with missionary member talks!  I think all the missionaries sitting there were really happy.  Our members aren't great about helping us.  It makes such a difference when they do!  So I hope they listen to the prophet and step it up!  I know there are a lot of gaps in the story.  All of that time is basically spent tracting and visiting less actives.
Things are going a little better with my companion.  We both get frustrated very easily, so some times we get into fights, but we quickly resolve them.  From talking with her, it doesn't seem like she is entirely sure in what she's doing.  She doesn't know the rules very well, she's very uncertain about many things, and usually when we're tracting, she doesn't speak up much.  I'm the one that usually bears testimony to the people.  I know part of that stems from her not wanting to stumble over her words.  She still speaks broken English.  Her sentences are often confusing and occasionally I have to explain to people what she means to say.  But we are growing close!  We have shared many experiences with each other and we often talk of our weaknesses so that we can help each other.  I think we need to gain confidence and faith in the Lord to fill our mouths.  
Because we have a specified number of miles everyday, we can't drive home for lunch everyday unless we are in the area.  Unfortunately that means she likes to go out to lunch everyday.  And I mean every single day.  We don't have a lot of choices in our area.  Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, Souper Salad (I'm excited for that one even though we have yet to go there!), Burger King, Wendy's (I think), Smashburger, and maybe a few others.  Oh and a Cold Stone!!  I was excited for that one!  That's another reason we tract a lot: is to save miles.
I am in Thornton, CO for everyone asking; however our boundaries cover a few other towns.  I know one of them is Northglenn.  My stake is Webster Lake in the Denver North stake.  It's really beautiful out here.  You can see mountains in the distance, but unfortunately, they are not as near as they are in NV and UT.  In my area, it's not quite as fast paced as it is in Vegas.  The buildings are nice.  Some of it is more city and some of it is farmland.  Our house is off a dirt road!  The houses are gorgeous!  Of course there are some parts of town more run down than others.  The weather is unpredictable.  Wednesday morning it snowed!!  Yes, I have pictures.  Some days it is very cold and windy, others it is hot or even nice.  I always keep cold gear in the car because you just never know!  A lot of people have told me that winter isn't as bad as UT because the sun actually comes up and melts the snow; it doesn't stay as long.
  But yesterday was again, such a bad day.  All of our appointments fell through, none of the less actives were home.  So we went back to our place and had dinner since no one had signed up.  Thankfully, Brother and Sister Morrison said they would feed us.  So we went downstairs and waited.  Sister Lee and I just talked about why things were going wrong and what we needed to learn from it.  We went to a member's house to give them a short lesson.  They were truly inspired by the Lord because they gave us advice that was exactly what we needed to hear.  It basically boiled down to change your attitude instead of praying for a change of circumstance.  He talked about what a blessing tracting actually was and how we should be bold.  That every person we come across needs to hear our testimony even if they don't think they want to.  It is sometimes after that, they will open up to you.  It was truly a blessing from the Lord.  I went out to the car and cried and offered a prayer of thanks.  We went tracting after that.  We handed out two BofMs, told one lady we would come back, the other was honest when she said she would call us, and then the lady who thinks we are a cult.  However, at almost every house, even if they said they weren't interested, I tried to bear my testimony.  Most people actually stayed and listened and seemed to really take it in.  Sister Lee was quiet a lot.  We talked afterwards and I think I helped.  I told her she had to be confident and trust that the Lord will help her.  I'm running out of time and I wish I could right more.  But I still have my letter to president and all of you to write individually!  I love you guys so much and I miss you!  Thanks for writing to me; I've been looking forward to this all week.  Your letters really did help me.  You guys are great!  I know I'm doing the right thing out here.  I know I have someone who needs me and that as I have faith in the Lord, He will help guide me to those who are ready. Love you, talk to you soon!!

Sister Grossman

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