Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/16/13 I'll be a popsicle soon!

Dear Fam, 
IT"S SO COLD!!!  But really!  I'm freezing out here.  I got way too used to the summer heat and now I'm paying big time for it.  Anything and everything warm would be very appreciated!!
Sorry to worry everyone.  Yesterday was Columbus Day so the library that we usually use was closed.  I just want to say I had a lot of letters today (thank you so much!! I love y'alls letters!) and it took a while to get through them all so I'm going to type as fast as I can.  If I don't respond back to you today, I bought stamps and envelopes and I will write back.  I know you will say don't worry about writing, but that is honestly my favorite part of the week and I want to write you guys so much. So, yes, I will write.  Because I am also trying to save time, I won't be correcting everything.   Sorry about misspells and bad grammar!!
This week was definitely better than last.  Like I said, I am so cold out here!  At least the cold keeps away the bugs.  At first the mosquitoes were crazy!!  I used my oils though and ended up with only four bites.  The one on my left elbow swelled up really big for some reason. Poor Sister Lee had somewhere around 20.   But really, warm things would be appreciated :D  One of my mtc sisters told me to look for fleece lined tights!  Sounds magical, but I can't find them here.  The only place we can really shop without having to seek permission for is Target and they don't have any.  
This week was crazy full of meeting.  Tuesday we had Sister's conference.  They gathered all the sisters in the whole mission and talked to us.  So I got to see some of my friends from the MTC which was great!  But because they had already talked a lot about some of it in the mtc, half of it was repeat.  But some of it was good.  Wednesday we had a meeting as a zone, which was really awesome!  I loved it so much and was really edified.  Thursday I  had exchanges with the sister training leaders and that was great too!  I learned a lot and actually got to teach people who were interested in learning the lessons haha.  I really enjoyed it though.  Friday we had a training meeting where all the trainers and their trainees come, so I got to see everyone I came out with!  That was so much fun!!  Our mission is a guinea pig for a program the church is trying for missionaries.  It is called Just Serve.  We are supposed to complete ten hours of service a week.  I actually love it and I feel it's a huge blessing sometimes because (bad missionary here) it means we don't have to fill that time by tracting or other means.  But also I love service so it's cool.  Every Saturday we go to two nursing homes and sing hymns for them for an hour.  I love it! So as you can see our week was a little different then usual.  I still have yet to meet many of our investigators.  A lot of them aren't great with keeping appointments and I still only have met two.  I have seen a lot of less actives though and a few recent converts.  I finally got to meet the ward on Sunday.  They are small, young, and loud.  The building is very similar to the stake center with only the half chapel.  And we don't even fill it.  And there are two sets of missionaries assigned to it!  I think there is a lot of less actives.  A lot of very young families in the ward which means lots of babys crying.  Bishop asked me to come up and bear my testimony, but with doing that so many times at doors, it was a breeze.
Sister Lee and I are getting a long well.  We occasionally have a spat but recover quickly, which is totally normal.  But we have a good time together and are really adjusting to one another.  We help each other through things and are really learning to teach in unity.
  I really am doing better this week.  It was a bit easier once I adjusted my mindset.  Being around my district makes it easier too and I was with them a lot this week.  I LOVE my district!!  They are so great.  They all make me so happy.  My district leader gives us a scripture question every Sunday and for the past two weeks (you know, the whole time I've been here! But Friday is my one-month-from-being-gone- mark!) Sister Lee and I won one!  If you win, you get a candy bar of your choosing!  So I chose nerds rope and 4 Elders went all over looking for it yesterday until they found one!  One of them is from Missouri and has an accent, so when I'm around him a lot, I'll start slipping into one.  He's a theater person though, so he's super dramatic which is so funny!  One is a Disney fanatic and shares the news his moms sends him with me.  He also knows Italian and is teaching me.  Today's word of the day is (I don't know how to spell it), take the al off of alfredo and that's the word.  So maybe you just spell it fredo.  But when pronounced the e turns more into an a.  Anyway it means cold haha.  We were doing service and I was shaking, so he picked that word.  Another is a BYU football fan and it turns out we were in anatomy at the same time together, just different teachers.   One sister is Tongan and together, her and her companion are nuts, which is again, so funny!  So when I'm around everyone I get super happy because I love them all.  And you know me, I love being around people.
Well I don't think I can think of much more to write and I'm running out of time.  You will definitely get supplement letters because I don't have time to pick back through the letters.  Oh I do remember one thing on my card was we have a Costco here!!  Oh and I remember something else that wasn't on my card!  I get to go to the temple tomorrow!!  I'm so excited.  We actually get to go on the third Wednesday of every month!  How blessed are we??  I love it.  Except for the fact we have to wake up at five to be there for the 6:30 session.  Oh yeah, mornings.....not going well.  6:30 sucks.  And my companion likes to turn the lights on right away. no me gusta.  Anyways, love you guys!!  I think about you everyday.  Talk to you next week!

Love, Sister Jessie Grossman

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